About Us

banzgeek is a Sri Lankan technology news website. It is one of the leading technology Tutorials And News Blog websites in Sri Lanka powered by Sinhala language.Although it aims to provide technical articles and provide free IT knowledge, today even technical news is published in Sinhala.

The website launched on November 2, 2019 website operated by Netbeam Technologies, It is not a commercial website as a whole, but does post sponsorship ads for the maintenance of the site.

banzgeek uses Node.JS as the server side language and Ghost is used for it. Initially using php but later they transferred the whole content to Ghost. Banzgeek has become one of the largest Ghost websites in Sri Lanka.

A Grade Performance

The popularity slowed until a year after its inception, but in August 2020 they introduced a clean format that the user could easily read and understand. Since then, the ratings have been on the rise and have attracted the attention of large companies in the technology sector in Sri Lanka.

In the early days, only technical articles and courses were published in Sinhala. Many commentators paid attention to them, and in the meantime the website took the lead in providing technical news, translating news reports from websites in other countries, and reporting technical news in Sri Lanka.

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